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I'm looking for someone to perform various tasks to improve the website. Things that pop to mind are:

Replace the Invision logo with something worthwhile, and easy on the eye

Figure out how to help the underprivileged without being a nuisance to members

Various other things that we'll think of as time goes by

Work will be done independently with minimal supervision.

Pay is nominal, but an excellent health-insurance plan will be provided.

Contactez-moi for further details (I may not be able to respond right away, but I'll get to it soon enough).



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<clears throat... AHEM!>

No, really! I am looking for someone to help here. The ideal candidate would have:

* The need for a health insurance policy (if you already have one, it probably won't be worth it for you because there's no revenue to pay you with, but I can provide you with really good health insurance.)

* Minimal computer ability. Enough to talk with Invision about the occasional problem, and more importantly, enough to make the website look a little less "Invision-like." Let's get rid of that logo, for example.

* Good interpersonal skills - not necessarily in person, but online. You'd reach out to members of our website, as well as the community at large. You need to be friendly, and to genuinely care about the people here, even if you've never met them.

* Moxie and verve. Registration keeps climbing steadily (don't forget, we purge a couple dozen inactive members each month now), but the number of postings have remained pretty much the same. Let's figure out how to increase participation.

* PR skills. Figure out a way to help people in the DC area who are in need. If I dream of 10,000 members one day, it's only so we can marshall our forces and do some serious good for people who really need help. We do our fair share now, but there is power in numbers.

Interested? Write me. It doesn't have to be a long-term committment, and it won't take that much of your time, quite frankly. Plus you'll get to have dinner with DonRocks! I can just hear people beating down my door this very second! Oh, wait a minute, that's my parole officer....

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