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Paper or Plastic? Which Is "Less Worse" for Our Planet's Natural Resources?


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Here is an interesting thread from nearly ten years ago:

"Grocery Bag Taxes and Bans - An Effective Means to Reduce Waste" by legant on donrockwell.com

Ten years later, I'm *still* not sure whether paper or plastic uses less natural resources, when all things are considered (included recycling), although I vaguely remember discussing it before here, so if anyone can find that thread, please list it.

I want to use the bag - paper or plastic - that is the least harmful to our world (assuming, of course, that I'm going to choose one or the other).

This article says "To produce paper takes twice the energy used to produce a plastic bag," but I have absolutely no idea as to its reliability:

May 13, 2014 - "Paper Comes from Trees" on theworldcounts.com

There are *so* many things to consider - plastic comes from petroleum. What about recycling? Number of uses? Biodegradability? The felling of trees? The drilling for oil? Plastic "islands" in the ocean? It's all so overwhelming - *surely* there has been a credible scientific study done by now which recommends which type of bag to use in which situation, no?

No lectures, please. It's obviously better to use none at all - and I avoid them when I can - but let's assume it shall be one or the other: Which should it be?

It boggles the mind how many trees were cut down to produce newspapers in the past century. Newspapers are as immoral as chemical companies spewing their pollution out through their smokestacks.

I don't know how much "energy" it takes to run this website, but I'll bet it's one hell of a lot less than if it was a newspaper - I'm proud to be 100% digital, always have been, always will be. Of course, there are broken-down computers to be disposed of, so *nobody's* hands are entirely clean.

Solar power and electricity - those are our future.

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