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"Suspense" (1949-1954) - One of the Very First Television Suspense Anthologies


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"Suspense" is one of the very first television anthology series, debuting in 1949, and running 6 seasons and 260 episodes until 1954. It was adapted from a radio program of the same name which ran from 1942-1962, and was broadcast *live*. 

Many of the scripts were adapted from literary classics by big-name authors, and also featured big-name stars as actors.

Although the show was broadcast live, most episodes were recorded on kinescope, and about 90 out of the 260 episodes survive as of this writing.

I continue to be amazed that so much early television is just plain *gone*, considering how important the medium is - they taped *over* productions in order to save money!

The series has several Producers (one of whom being billed as an "Executive Producer"), and I'm not sure what the difference is between the two positions.

Robert Stevens directed 105 episodes, and produced 102 episodes.

Season One (Jan 6, 1949 - Jun 28, 1949)

1.1 - "Goodbye, New York" - Screenshot 2016-12-29 at 05.59.42.png
Story by Cornell Woolrich ("It Had To Be Murder" (source for "Rear Window"), "The Big Switch" on "Alfred Hitchcock Presents")), Sets by Samuel Leve
Featuring Meg Mundy (Grandmother in "Ordinary People")

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