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Teas N' You, Fusion Tea House in Tysons Corner from Happy Endings Hospitality Group

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With a caveat that I am a friend and relative to some of the people at Happy Endings Hospitality Group, I wanted to say that I greatly enjoyed this new tea house, although there have been a few wrinkles in service they are ironing out.

It's located in the same building as May Jewelers right before you take a right into Tysons Corner off Route 7 Leesburg Pike. There is ample surface parking. It's not a large space, but there's enough seating for a casual tea house. The menu are some original recipe and customizable teas and milk teas, Vietnamese coffee, sweets in the form of French macarons and "pillow cake," and savories in the form of garlic truffle fries and basil popcorn chicken.

I've had two teas so far:

- Flower Bomb: a sweetened chrysanthemum tea with aloe vera. Very straightforward refreshing; if you like chrysanthemum tea you will like this version, which has the flowers in the cup and nice bits of aloe vera.

- White Rose Cream Tea: a sweetened white rose tea with cream and rose petals in the tea. Definitely can taste the rose and the cream compliments the flavor of the tea. Also a very pretty drink.

I've also had almost all the flavors of the macarons and to my taste, they are delicious. My favorites are the coconut taro, red velvet and pistachio. The macarons are baked in-house, and are slightly chewier and denser than other macarons I've had in the area. The garlic truffle fries and popcorn chicken provide a savory and salty bite that encourages more tea drinking.

The wrinkles in service are that they tend to get backed up with tea orders when busy or when you order unsweetened tea, so you may have to wait a little bit for your tea. Also, some flavors of macarons get sold out quite early in the day. Teas cost $3.95 for regular and macarons cost $2.75 each. Website is http://teasnyou.com.  

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