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Albert Pujols


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Over 3000 hits, Over 600 Home Runs:  One of Only 4 Players in Baseball History

In getting his 3,000th and 3,001st hits Albert Pujols joined an exclusive fraternity of only four players in history who combined hitting for average and frequency, hitting for power and longevity.  It’s a great achievement.

In recent years Pujols has been described as the worst player in baseball.  He has certainly been the worst value with a massive salary, ever diminishing results and frequent injuries.  The terrible injuries have certainly contributed to his poor play.

BUT OMG!!  During his first decade of play for the St Louis Cards, he may have amassed the best first decade of any player at any time.  If it wasn’t the best first ten years it was close to the top.

He was so great he got his own special on 60 Minutes

During that first decade including his rookie season he finished In the top ten for National League MVP every year, finished in the top 4 in the vote 9 years, and won it 3 years 

If you look at his stats during those ten years he led the NL in many categories many years.  Scroll down that page to the LeaderBoard and open the different categories.  Pujols was virtually always in the top ten in the league for big time hitting features.

He was a hitting machine.  Always professional.  

Good for Pujols.  Great career.  Dignified respectful guy.  He got the stats, the big multi year salary, and the all time rarefied brotherhood.   The trifecta!!!!


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