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Dining near Our Museums

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Eater had a nice feature last year pointing out some of the nicer places to eat near some of LA's most popular museums.

Here are a few more ideas from Discover LA.

Of these (that are not chains), I've only been to the Getty Museum restaurant. It's light-filled and beautiful, much like the rest of the museum, and the food is upscale American with worldly influences and priced to match the setting. I've only eaten there once and it was perfectly fine / nice, but for my fine dining $s, I prefer seeking out a more food-centric place. However, for meeting a group in a daytime fancy setting, it's hard to beat. Especially now with kiddos (not that we've been back since we had kids, but theoretically), I prefer to grab takeout from somewhere awesome close by and picnic on the lawn.

As I've mentioned previously, the Exposition Park Museums (CA Science Center, Museum of Natural History, USC stadium) are just down the street from the Mercado la Paloma, which houses Chichen Itza and its newish sister restaurant Holbox (Mexican seafood), either of which are worthy as a food-destination in its own right.  

For Huntington Library, most ways to get there from LA proper go through the heart of the San Gabriel Valley, so I would grab whatever Chinese food most strikes your fancy before / after. Here are some ideas by town (with a map feature!) from The Infatuation.

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