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Ninety Six, SC - Town in Eastern Greenwood County, 2010 Census Population: 1,198


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2 hours ago, dcs said:

Now in Living Color: Ted Williams’s Last Game, by Bill Pennington, July 19, 2018, on nytimes.com.

When I was at Clemson (in Pickens County, SC), people would joke about the town of Ninety Six, which was just beyond the town of Due West.

Screenshot 2018-07-19 at 12.55.03.png

Among dubious tales of cow tipping (which I'd become convinced that I'd done (I hadn't)), there was the etymology of Ninety Six, which was supposedly named because it was 96-miles from Atlanta - I don't know how this urban legend ever got started, but it's false: Nobody seems to know how Ninety Six got its name.

Fast forward to Ted Williams' final at-bat, in which he hit a home run. In a newly found, color film, I froze the shot of Williams' home run trot: In the picture are Williams, Brooks Robinson, and third base umpire Cal Drummond, from the town of Ninety Six, SC.

Screenshot 2018-07-19 at 12.48.14.png

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