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"Encountering the Buddha: Art and Practice across Asia" (Oct. 14, 2017-Nov. 29, 2020) Freer|Sackler


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There is a decent amount of renovation going on at the Sackler Gallery right now (that's the underground portion of the museum complex) so the exhibit space is limited.  Also the Freer and Sackler now appear to be co-branded as the Freer|Sackler "Where Asia Meets America"  I guess everyone got tired of trying to figure out which museum was which.  

"Encountering the Buddha: Art and Practice across Asia" is a fairly small exhibit but with a nice collection of artifacts.  Of interest was a 10 minute long three channel film on loop depicting a day in the life of Sri Lanka's Great Stupa.  There is also an impressive immersive Tibetan Buddhist shrine room (great sound track of Tibetan monks chanting). 

I enjoyed the show and it was a good way to spend 45 minute or so while dodging rain showers on the Mall.

buddha Head.jpg

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