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Ice Cream Cocktails/ Dessert Drinks and Chantal Tseng’s Modern Take


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The Post ran a story on boozy drinks with ice cream.  It includes some history, some perspective and a review of some of Chantal Tseng’s modern creations now at the Reading Room in Petworth.

Ice cream and liquor:  long a favorite food group of mine.  Been drinking and making them for a long time.   

They really aren’t cocktails.  They are dessert drinks and per the article they are featured at ice cream “socials” at The Reading Room.  That is appropriate.

Similarly flavorful liquors or cordials over ice cream are excellent desserts.  Boozy milkshakes work well (HellBurger Arlington had some nice ones).   In fact ice cream and booze is an inspired summer meal IMHO.  

They are easy to do and per the modern versions at the Reading Room you can create your own— endless variations.

Now if you favor the boozyness  over other elements you can make them deadly with inexpensive cordials ie 99 banana- a liqueur that is 99 proof (ugh).  

Great topic imho

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