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Alexandria Glory Days Dramatically and Effectively Apologizes for Service Snafu


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Having disappointed a group of customers so significantly to warrant a bad review and social media blast The new Alexandria Glory Days restaurant and the chain apologized in dramatic and vivid ways

I was impressed by the level of apology as described in the article.  It was significant enough to be acknowledged and appreciated by the aggrieved patrons.  It was noteworthy enough with a level of social media coverage that it merited an article.    I say good for Glory Days.

Glory Days, without its own thread here, has managed to be a long surviving mostly local chain of suburban sports bars.   Just surviving for several decades is impressive to me.  It also keeps net growing slowly while similarly eliminating a few under performing locations.

Its "OKAY";  reasonable and reasonably priced sports bar type food, plenty of beer, and TV's to watch games everywhere and anywhere.   Food wise its nothing special...but business wise I think they stood up and did a great job of "righting a wrong".

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