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"The Law of Parties" - Texas Law Stating that Aiding, Abetting, or Conspiring with Another, Can Make One Responsible for any Homocides Committed


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I'm watching the Netflix series, "I Am a Killer," and SE1 EP2, "Killer in the Eyes of the Law," convicted Kenneth Foster, Jr. under the Texas "Law of Parties" statute, perhaps because Foster drove the car to a crime that resulted in a homicide that he claims was unplanned, and happened seventy-feet away.

I'm not judging this law as "right" or "wrong"; merely presenting it to our readers.


You know, back when I was a young adult, I didn't care about any of this "human rights" stuff, because I never thought about it; now, I do. I've gotten soft as I've grown older - that's neither good, nor bad; it's just a fact: I care about the comfort, well-being, and abuse of prisoners. sheldman, help.

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