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Park City, UT


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Sushi Maru, run by a guy named Mikey, is probably my favorite sushi place. They have a nice selection of sake, not large, but very yummy. Another larger sushi place is Blind Dog Sushi. It is also one of my sisters favorite (she lives in Park City).

Have fun.

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I just got back from a few days skiing in Park City and I have to say the dining options are pretty bleak. We ate at the Wasatch Brew Pub the first night which was fine (decent bar food and good beer). We also tried 350 Main, which was touted as one of the better restaurants in Park City. I would call it average at best. A bit overpriced for the quality of the food. The other nights we ate pizza and Mexican food which were fine. All in all, I would stay stick to the cheaper places and you wont be dissapointed. On another note, the skiing was quite good even though it was freezing cold (-10 to 0 on the mountain). Also, if you have the time, take a drive about 45 minutes north and ski at Snowbasin, just outside of Ogden. Its a great resort and not crowded at all. Have fun.

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Options are indeed bleak, but there is are a few places to recommend. The No Name Saloon, on Main Street, is your ideal mountain bar (antlers and skis everywhere, roaring wood fire, and a popular after hours spot for the resort workers) and serves some tasty buffalo burgers, wings, and housemade potato chips. Drinks are well-priced and they have some prime seats right in front of that fire.

Also fun is the fireside dining at the Empire Canyon Lodge at Deer Valley. Fire-roasted lambs, stews, raclette of swiss cheese melting in front of you, and fondues for dessert. It is rich, heavy stuff, but perfect after a long day of skiing and is on the mountain.

And another good option for dining in Park City is to ski Deer Valley and do breakfast and lunch there.

Rachel [cough!] Ray did a $40 and under in Park City that might have some good ideas. I think she had a mac and cheese dish at Butcher's that looked good.

And Rocky Mountain Chocolate on Main Street for dessert is also a must.

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Just got back from a longer than anticipated (thanks blizzard!), but excellent ski trip to Park City.

Went to the “strip” once and ate at the Wasatch Brew Pub. Food wasn’t memorable but the beers were nice and at $4.75 for 20-oz pours, we left happy enough.


I don't understand the locals’ love for Davanza’s Pizza. The crust tasted like a thinner version of what I'd associate with a school cafeteria. FWIW - the margarita pizza was topped with what I think was fried basil (although it could have just been cooked onto it…either way-not what I was expecting).

The St. Regis hosts Jean-Georges' J&G Grill. The pork chop with pistachio pesto and cauliflower was so juicy and flavorful that I ordered it again two nights later.

J&G also seem to make the food served at the St Regis bar which ended up being a very adequate place to watch the super bowl (for people only mildly interested in watching the super bowl). Chili was good (I’m not really a chili person) and the beef carpaccio pizza was great – beef layered over a thin spread of cheeses topped with arugula: yum. It was light, but still had a lot of beefy, salty flavor and wasn’t at all chewy/difficult to eat.


I was admittedly reluctant to go to off the "fine dining" list of restraunts we were provided with for fear of overpaying just to feel like a tourist, but really enjoyed both Mariposa and the Glitretind. I think we ordered a little too assertively and were therefore served our courses a little close together, but other than the slight rush, Mariposa was excellent. The pancetta wrapped quail stuffed with sausage and mushroom stuffing was the taste of the week and of course opened up the “I wish our thanksgiving tasted like this” discussion. Might sound seasonally inappropriate, but was perfect after a long cold day of skiing.


The Stein Eriksen Lodge came off a little too kitschy for me, but the food at the Glitretind was also worth the hype. Bread basket was excellent with a variety of focaccias, a honey/sesame lavash and some plain sourdough. The lobster chowder had a good amount of lobster meat in it and was milk based, so it had a lighter feel but was still indulgent. I had a really nice veal dish served with whipped parsnip – sweet, salty and the right amount of gamey – it was delicious.


We snacked in their lounge another night and it wasn’t really our bag. The lounge singer was too loud given the size of the crowd and while it was kind of cool that the restaurant let a group of men play poker in the bar, again, it got loud and at times, obnoxious. French onion soup and a tuna app were good, but again, that bread basket was the hit. It saved the baked goat cheese and fig dip, which would have been too bland without the golden raisin and garlic (?) focaccia served that night.

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