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Who is responsible for the good and bad with all things food in 2018


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DC.Eater published a piece this past week that I took in the spirit of satire and exaggeration....blaming everything that was negative in the food world on guess who.

Accepting it as a satirical piece while also cognizant that Trump takes responsibility for everything positive and blames someone else for everything that was negative Eater took a shot at turning the tables.

C'est la vie...I suppose it fits in with the tenor of the times.   Regardless I was struck by the last paragraph titled Thanksgiving, referencing how often problematic family dinners might become if the conversation turns to politics, and referencing a study on this issue from 2016.   Hmmm.   That struck a chord.  I've been experiencing these uncomfortable meals in family settings for some time, long before Trump became President.  They suck.   I've grown tired of them.  In retrospect in some the number of lefties have been in the majority and the righties have really grown to hate it.  In others the righties outnumber the lefties.   Geez it can get ugly and downright miserable.  Almost two weeks ago I was with us older siblings and cousins, wherein my 3 older male cousins/ who grew up like brothers and just adore one another, got in one of these "tiffs" when the single leftie among the 3 opened his mouth without thinking and got "jumped on" by his two oldest longest term best buddies of decades.  I walked away as voices started to raise.  Its gotten old.

Decades ago I was struck by something so different and its sat with me forever.   I was in my early 20's with my father, his brother and their business partners.  At that time and place I was considered and it was socially appropriate that my opinion at that age didn't matter, so I kept my mouth shut and listened.   On some NYC issue my dad voiced his opinion and my uncle voice his opinion.  One was to the left/or right of the other.   Each of the other partners spoke up.  Opinions were sort of all over the board, and as these guys were closing their business that evening they kept rambling on about this issue (whatever it was).   Except for my uncle and dad.   I think when they realized they were at opposite ends they just shut their mouths.   Blood was thicker than water and it wasn't worth it to them to go at it on different sides of some issue.  Wow, it struck me.  Both those guys liked to give their opinions and back them up.  Not that time though and not when they were at opposite sides.

Wow, wow wow.   My peers, siblings and cousins, all brought up with that "sense" don't act and are not like that at all.   Its a pity.   

It does tend to ruin Thanksgivings all across the land.  How sad.

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