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Hunan, The Peng Family's Hunanese-Centric Tasting Menu in Belgravia

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I'm surprised to find that this restaurant does not allow solo diners (and I confirmed this with Andy). Hunan is a tasting menu-only restaurant, and requires a minimum of two people - has anyone ever heard of a restaurant that forbids single diners? I don't believe I have.

Screenshot 2019-02-02 at 14.55.41.png

If they're sold out every night, I can certainly understand the economics of it, but I've dined solo, for example, at Le Clos de Cîmes, and not only did they give me a reservation, they gave me the best table in the house - right in the corner of the restaurant - and treated me like royalty. (Incidentally, this remains the best Michelin 2-star meal I've ever had, and I can't think of another 2-star restaurant that's even close - Le Clos de Cîmes (since renamed "Restaurant Regis et Jacques Marcon"), was awarded its inevitable 3rd star one-or-two years later).

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