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"The Bitter Tea of General Yen" (1933) - Director Frank Capra's Pre-Code 'Forbidden-Love' Melodrama, Starring Barbara Stanwyck


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"The Bitter Tea of General Yen" is a pre-code film directed by Frank Capra ("Mr. Smith Goes to Washington"), and starring Barbara ('If someone from my disadvantaged background has risen to success, others should be able to prosper without government intervention or assistance') Stanwyck.

I'm watching this film out of a corner of one eye I while I do other things - the stereotypes are howlingly bad. Here's General Yen:

general-yen-handkerchief.jpg <--- Nils Asther, a Swedish actor.

On the other hand, last night, I actually watched "Dr. No" (1962) for the first time in decades - in nearly 30 years, not much progress was made in the stereotype department.

DrNo.png <--- Joseph Wiseman, a Canadian actor.

And here's yet another Chinaman: Kwai Chang Caine in "Kung Fu" (1972-1975):

DavidCarradine.jpg<--- David Carradine, an American actor (he died in Thailand, FWIW).

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