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Sonny Jurgensen


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Say it ain't so.  Sonny Jurgensen retired from broadcasting Redskin games.   Now that is the end of a long established era:  Sonny of Sam, Sonny, and Frank:  Frank Herzog was let go in 2004 by Snyder, Sam Huff retired a few years ago in poor health and now his old friend and teammate Sonny calls it a career!!!   Ooooof    that is auld lang syne.  Put the TV on, turn off the sound and listen to Frank, Sonny, and Sam cover the Redskins back when they were the toast of the NFL.

Sonny Jurgensen is a Hall of Famer Quarterback, one of the fabled QB's of the NFL, a member of the NFL team of the 1960's, a fabled Redskin, and a storied telecaster.  And now he is retired.    Ooooof.  I'm feeling my age!!!

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