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Washington Mystics


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Certainly the Washington Mystics deserve their own thread.  They are a game away from winning the WNBA championship.  Last season they lost in the finals.  They have a well developed offense with some big scorers, but more impressively a well developed offense with a lot of passing that gives everyone shots. 

Boy oh boy.  They are great shooters.

Their star Elena Delle Dunne is playing with a slightly cracked vertebrae.  She was limited in the last game, couldn't move well, restricted in her game, but still shot marvelously.  The team stepped up with everyone contributing to put limits on Connecticut's big center and ended up with a solid victory.

Their style of play is remarkable.  Here are 11 minutes + of some of the excellent play (by both teams) of the last game....


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And WNBA champions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    A somewhat even and ragged game with a healthy number of fouls till the final quarter.  The Mystics made shots, shots, shots and they kept coming up with defense and stops.  Do I hear CHAMPIONS!!!!!

some of the best plays from both teams


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