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"Itch that Bitch" - Heavy-Duty, Artisan Back Scratcher from Metalsmith Bill Grant

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Okay, you want a gift for the guy who has *everything*?

Go to itchthatbitch.com and order the "Heavy Duty Silver Fingers" back scratcher ($34.95) - I searched high and low for what I felt was *the best* back scratcher in the world, and now that I've had this monster for about a month, I can safely say: even if you spent a million dollars, you couldn't get a better back scratcher.

Forget "telescopic" back scratchers - that's a needless gimmick (an unnecessary moving part), and all of the review websites for them take you straight to Amazon.

Itchthatbitch back scratchers are handmade, one-at-a-time, by Bill Grant in Colorado. He is supremely confident that his products are the finest in the world, and I believe him - I'd give my "Heavy Duty Silver Fingers" model a 10-out-of-10, and I'll have this thing for the rest of my life - this is the one you want. It's even slightly bent and flexible (like a suspension bridge) to make it easy to reach every contour of your back. This beast even comes with its own dog tag and individual serial number - this is a lot of money, but you're paying an artisan metalsmith for the best-of-the-best. Knowing what I know now, I would *gladly* pay $100 for this - my serial number is #1857, so he's made less than 2,000 of these, total - it's going to be a collector's item one day!

Screenshot 2019-12-08 at 17.39.24.png

As it says in the FAQ: 

The lifetime warranty is restricted to the maximum of your life or mine, whichever comes first. But this scratcher likely will never wear out, so unless you're a granite statue, it doesn't make much difference. It is made to last forever. See how I make it on YouTube.


I was surprised to get this personal email from Bill the day after I ordered:


Hi Don,

Thanks for picking the best of the best, and also for your comment re: Amazon. Have you ever noticed the huge number of "The 10 best ______, or the 5 best______", whether it's for back scratchers or whatever, these click bait lists often take up over half the first two pages of search, and guess what..........if you look closer, virtually every product in the list is linked to, "DRUMROLL sound effect",   Amazon.

There may be one or two legitimate rating/ranking services, but I haven't found one yet. Really annoying.

Back to work so I can hopefully get your scratcher ready for mail tomorrow.


Bill Grant

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