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Meitre, An Upscale "OpenTable" For Those Who Qualify

Count Bobulescu

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Was going to put this in another forum, but since the Open Table thread is here.......

I stumbled across these two unrelated sites recently, and was intrigued by Meitre. It bills itself as an "OpenTable" for restaurants that qualify to serve its diners, not the restaurant's diners...
Currently, seems to be primarily LatAm focused, (Born in Uruguay, built in Ca), hints at US ambitions
I wouldn't sign an agreement with an outfit that has only a web form contact on its site. I like to see a phone # and physical address.
Perhaps some members here, have the elevated dining status that appears necessary to satisfy Meitre requirements? Do tell!
Cuboh seems a better deal, at least for its intended purpose.
Their common characteristic is that they were both funded by Y Combinator, whatever that means.....
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