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Harp and Crown

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So the wife took me to Philly for my belated 50th birthday knowing how much I adore the city. Went to a Michael Schulson spot right around the corner from where we were staying called Harp and Crown. Back story on Michael Schulson is that he worked for Stephen Starr and went out on his own. Most of his places are one block off any main drag but to be quite honest in Philly main drags are gone and mostly everywhere has some sort of vibrancy. Let me just say this for those who don't know, Philadelphia is a walkable and eatable city that seems to continue to grow every year.

Long story short, great food, great vibe and solid service. Small plates that really were not that small and prices that remained reasonable. For a 50 year old I never felt out of place and as well the company was wonderful.

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