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While stopping in at Sarah's Handmade Ice Cream & Treats and Georgetown Bagelry this afternoon, I noticed a sign for Face Masks at a little dry cleaner and tailor. It's called "Le Prestige Cleaners" (website), and is actually a chain with four Bethesda locations. 

I can't vouch for their dry cleaning or tailoring (I never knew they existed before today), but their selection of high-quality face masks is quite good. They aren't cheap (some are $15, some are $20), but they're nice-looking, and they also have an option where you can bring in your own material, and they'll make one for you. If you zoom in on the sign (third picture below), you'll see that they also have KN95 masks for $25 and $35.

The masks have an extra compartment where you can insert a coffee filter (really, that's what the lady told me to do), and extra space for your nose.

Some pictures of the location and the box of masks, along with the two purchased today (these were $20; I'm not sure what accounts for the price difference):


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