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Anna Blume

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Farm Manager Opportunity, Washington, VA

The new owners of Sunnyside Farm, a well-known producer of organic vegetables, tree fruit and other products, seek a qualified and motivated individual(s) to help redesign and manage the farming operation. The farm has significant existing infrastructure, including a comprehensive irrigation system, an array of vehicles and other equipment, numerous structures (barn, packing sheds, heated hoop houses, farm office, etc.) and excellent employee housing. Sunnyside sells primarily to farmers’ markets in Washington, DC and surrounding communities. Compensation is competitive and based on experience. Owners are willing to consider various arrangements including direct hiring and leasing as well as to discuss profit-sharing or other incentives. The farm is located 70 miles from Washington, DC in a scenic area bordering the Shenandoah National Park. To apply or for more information email: glapham1@verizon.net.

This notice came in last week's emailed newsletter from FreshFarm Markets (Feb. 15 or 16, 2007)

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I've noticed recently that they dropped "Organics" from their name--it used to be "Sunnyside Organics"...

I wonder, does this suggest less of a commitment to organic farming? It also makes their place a bit more difficult to distinguish from Sunnyside Farm, a West Virginia non-organic producer which also comes to the Dupont Market.

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