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Podcasts on Food Stuffs


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There are a ton of really interesting podcasts out there dealing with almost everything you can find on this site (minus all that Washington, DC stuff :o ) One that I've really enjoyed listening to recently is this hour long interview with Rick Bayless. Tomorrow is, apparently, the 20th anniversary of Frontera Grill.

In this podcast, Bayless covers everything from the opening of his restaurant, the nature of regional Mexican cooking, why it differs so much from other Latin American cuisines, some interesting insight into why Mexicans are the backbones of so many kitchens in this country (but only a limited number move to the top spot), who he'd eat dinner with at a "living or dead" dinner party, and how he packs his daughter's school lunch every day.

I think this is a GREAT interview.

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Both NPR and KCRW have great daily/weekly food podcasts, too. I tend to listen to them on my iPod when I'm running errands and doing my food shopping because I found that when I listened to music, I would sing along and not know I was doing it. Lovely.

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