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Cassava Melon?


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Safeway had melons on sale, and the only ones left at the Soviet location were Cassava. So I bought one, and chopped it up this morning.

Not very tasty. What does one do with these things?

Avoid them. It's actually a Casaba melon. Cassava is a starchy tuber. Look for a melon called Sharlyn next time--it's my favorite. They look a little bit like Casabas, but the Sharlyn is intensely aromatic with tender, juicy flesh. But if you have leftovers of the one you have, I suggest turning it into a smoothy, combined with some other, more flavorful fruits.

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I was in my grocery store the other day (Sat.) & saw stuff they had never had before-fresh figs & lychees -of course, I didn't buy them, because I couldn't think of what to do with them, so when I returned today, they weren't there! Got a couple of white nectarines, but it's small consolation. I was wondering if the figs & lychees (should they reappear) would be good infused with a nice dark rum or some vodka, maybe with some spices? or does that sound too odd?

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