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The Berkshires

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Well, since no one really posted about the Berkshires in western mass, i ventured out on my own and discovered a couple amazing food places. The Berkshires is the mountainous, land locked version of the Hamptons for New Yorkers- hence lots of people dressed very trendy. However, the area has many farms and places that serve locally grown foods.

I would first recommend the Southfield Store in Southfield, MA. Went there for breakfast on a recommendation from a friend. He told me they had the best croissants he has had in the USA- including all of NYC. Big words, but I went the the early morning and had a pretty spectacular warm, freshly bake croissant- buttery, flakey, firm exterior.

I also went to Taft Farms north of Great Barrington, MA, a great little farm store with pretty amazing pies made from local ingredients. I liked their Tangleberry pie- strawberry, blueberry, blackberry and raspberry.

In Great Barrington, MA, on the main street, is Rubiner's Cheesemongers with their back cafe- Rubi's. First off, the front shop, located in a former back (vault included), has amazing selection of great cheeses, pates, and groceries. The staff is extremely helpful with a lot of generous samples. I grabbed lunch in Rubi's at the back of the building- had a taste of a delicious grillled cheese sandwich with gruyere- very buttery as well. Also tried their open-faced country pate sandwich- the pate consisted of foie gras, the sandwich had whole grain mustard and cornichons. I should note- both sandwiches had great bread as well.

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