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So, I live in walking distance to Locust Pt in Baltimore, and I went this last weekend to try a meal at Nasu Blanca- a restaurant that combines Japanese & Spanish cuisine.

We started with a trio of appetizers- the japanese eggplant in miso sauce, squash blossoms stuffed with goat cheese, and halibut cheeks in a nice garlic sauce.

My party and I agreed- the eggplant was pretty great. I liked the cheeks as well- squash blossoms were ok.

For entrees we had the kobe filet that came with a tuna tempura roll, the paella valenciana, and the grilled monkfish in a bouillabaise.

The kobe filet was delicious and the roll it came with was good. The paella was just ok- the rice was a little undercooked, but the shellfish was nice. The monkfish was pretty good- it came with a nice fennel gratin, but the dish it was served in cooled to broth too quickly.

To drink we had a nice bottle of chilled Yuki No Bosha limited junmai ginjo- nice, sweet flavored.

I would say Nasu Blanca is a little pricey for the food, but an enjoyable place to try out once in a while.

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