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Stopped by here for a meal prior to the Baltimore meetup. It's a trendy, three-story place with exposed brick and those modern metal stairs. Stylish, curvy utensils, etc. help to round out the whole, we're really hip motif. I ordered the waffles with maple syrup and powdered sugar. Nothing fancy, but pretty tasty and a little crisp just the way I like it.

I had a bite of ginger from my friend's sushi. It tasted like soap. Ugh!

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I forgot this story about XS that my friend told me. Talk about service. He went under the impression that you could get sushi and breakfast food on the same plate, which you can't. So he ordered a roll with a pancake wrapped around it. The server asked if he was sure a couple of times, and he reassured him it was. (I've come to the decision that it's not ALL that bad as it's somewhat another unflavored starch, and maybe pairs okay with the sweetness of sushi rice. And apparently people like sushi because it does have some sweetness in the rice.)

Anyway, when they got the check, it had the way the order was rung in...

1 Chesapeake roll

wrap it in a pancake.

just f****** do it.

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