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Has anyone in DC found rhubarb yet? I haven't seen it at the Dupont Farmers market or P Street Whole Foods. Having company tomorrow night and would love to be able to serve something bright and zingy for dessert...but maybe we're still too early?

It's too early for the farmers markets. Your best bet is in May when New Morning Farm comes back to its market at Sheridan School and Dupont Circle.

There are some farmers who bring it to market too early, I suspect, when it is all or virtually all green (that is, not a matter of being a certain varietal that isn't very red). The rhubarb-strawberry pie combo should give you some idea of overlap; the vegetable's usually around a month before the berry. That said, supermarkets have brought back rhubarb already. I've seen it at a better price this year (than usual) at Whole Foods and have bought some at Safeway, too. I am guessing Harris Teeter's another good source.

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