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  1. KIbbee Nayee, thank you so much for this post. Don, I'm not sure why you doubted the utility of a post like this. More knowledge is always a good thing. I'd love to see more places on the MD side of the river - will you be adding to this? Maybe there should be a Rockepedia section of the board for informational posts like these? (ETA my original post was edited, apparently.) --- [umm, no, it wasn't (until just now). In fact, this is the very first time I've even seen this post.]
  2. Quick dinner after picking the kids up at Dulles: turkey meatballs, rice, peas, ice cream. The kids had skipped lunch on the plane and ate huge amounts. Two hours after dinner they are raiding the kitchen for granola bars and peanut butter sandwiches. Jeez
  3. #3, without a doubt. "When you pretentiously give us a list of ingredients and expect we should Karnak them into a delicious dish in our minds, you just look like you care more about the graphic design of the menu than the content of your plates."
  4. It may suck ventworm nut, but it was open when Range was not. (According to their hostess, Range is "still working on their lunch menu" for apparently everyone except their financial backers. Whatevs) Lemonade was fine. Guacamole was fine; I would even go so far as to pronounce it "good" after applying a few dabs of the accompanying tomatillo salsa. Ceviche sampler was also fine. In addition to being fine, our server was competent and graciously brought both sour cream and a glass of milk after one of us accidentally bit into a habanero garnish. I probably won't go back -- mostly because their prices are kind of appalling -- but it was as good a place as any to while away a couple of hours with a friend on a Sunday afternoon.
  5. It's my 'hood too, and I completely agree. This part of Bethesda has got to have the biggest disparity between income and decent dining options of any commercial area in Montgomery county. The very fact that Hamburger Hamlet continues to hang on proves your point admirably. Thanks for the reminder to get to Wildwood soon.
  6. A neighbor's home cooking: chicken biryani, a spicy Sri Lankan eggplant dish with onions & peppers, tomato & cucumber yogurt salad. Brownies with ice cream for dessert.
  7. Across the street. I tried to go for lunch yesterday, but they were having a problem with their hot water heater and weren't open.
  8. Anchovy paste is my new BFF. I made a disgraceful amount of anchovy butter this week and have been spreading it on my breakfast toast every morning. It's also delicious on steamed vegetables, steaks, and licked off one's fingers.
  9. Steak fajitas, with peppers and onions. I have taken a shine to the Rick Bayless Frontera-branded seasoning sauces found at Whole Foods and other places. Of course the proper foodie thing would be to make my own stuff, but these taste pretty good, and have a high ratio of recognizable ingredients, and make my life easier. Worth a couple of bucks. Served with corn and flour tortillas, grated extra-sharp cheddar, chopped scallions, sour cream, and the made to order guacamole from Whole Foods with extra cilantro. Cucumber salad, dressed with vinegar, a little sugar, and pinch of red pepper flakes. Dinner music: Weezer (the green album)
  10. This & that: frittata with canadian bacon and cheddar shredded brussels sprouts braised in apple cider cremini mushrooms with thyme and bacon steamed cauliflower sauteed with grape tomatoes milk for everyone Tonight's dinner music (because in my house, what goes in my kids' heads is as important as what goes in their stomachs): Ben Harper, Diamonds On The Inside http://youtu.be/EAnlXD9Gaag
  11. Cornucopia is one of the places I will miss the most once I'm no longer working in Bethesda. It's perfect for an impromptu coffee meeting with coworkers, the sandwiches are quite good, and it's great for an occasional special ingredient purchase that I can build a pantry dinner around (a bit of ricotta salata, olives, canned cherry tomatoes, Italian sausage, specialty pastas, etc.). The owner is a sweetheart, too.
  12. I just received an email from Groupon offering me $5 off my next Groupon purchase. The drain-circling has begun...
  13. I was saying that buying a coupon, and *then* paying full price for a meal, is essentially making a donation to the place. If groupons or coupons are bad for their bottom line, then they shouldn't do them, or shouldn't do them often. Frequent discouting cheapens your brand and trains consumers not to pay full price. These deals are like gift certificates, and smart companies count on a certain percentage to go unredeemed. They are better than gift certs in some ways, because gift certs legally have to stay on the books for a given amount of time before they can be written off as free money. The percentage paid on these deals can, and should be, negotiated with the company that you're working with. Sometimes, it gives former regulars who can't afford to go out as often a way to get in the doors occasionally. I suspect the bad economy created many of that kind of customer.
  14. Split pea soup with kielbasa Walnut boule from Le Pain Quotidien (much better than the baguette) Apple cider
  15. They are getting paid their negotiated percentage of the coupon sales whether you use it or not. So you are essentially paying full price for your meal, *and* giving them a donation if you've bought a Livingsocial offer or Groupon. Not that it's a bad thing.
  16. We made the trek to P street this afternoon to provision an indoor picnic. New to me this time was the French dip, which was tasty but overcooked by the time we sat down. Ian is in love with their Genoa salami; he demolished the sandwich made for him (accompanied by Trickling Springs chocolate milk) and is now rolling up the remaining slices as a snack. There's a braunschweiger sandwich resting in the fridge to go with some homemade split pea soup for dinner tonight & lunch tomorrow. I can't wait. ETA these sandwiches are a tremendous deal, because of their size. One $12 easily serves two people, or makes two meals.
  17. I understand it, but why should I be willing to sacrifice my cash and comfort so that the restaurant can charge a premium for what I consider a less pleasurable experience? It's reminding me more and more of the descriptions of post-Republic Latin banquets. Someone should revive the use of the lectus triclinaris.
  18. Potato & cheese pierogies Sauerkraut & potato pierogies (both from the Kielbasa Factory) pan-fried in olive oil and served with sour cream Fresh steamed broccoli Hortex brand czarna porzezcka nectar, mixed 30/60% with plain seltzer & a squeeze of lemon juice* I love blackcurrant, and assumed that it just wasn't popular in the US. Now, thanks to Wikipedia, I know that it was actually banned for more than a century.
  19. We stopped in for a couple of pies and some foosball this afternoon. I got the Poppi (mozz, ricotta, artichoke hearts, spinach, peppers), Emma got a plain cheese pie, and Ian chose smoked mozzarella, garlic and bresaola. His was the table favorite; the flavors really worked together. Maybe the kid has a decent palate developing after all. I thought the crust could use a tiny bit more char, but that didn't stop any of us from devouring it and swiping the bones through some olive oil. It was a little more than I would have preferred to spend for lunch, $40 for two full-sized pies, one kid pie, and two sodas, but such a pleasant experience that it was worth the dent in my budget.
  20. I'm relishing the quiet house and reading the latest New Yorker on my Kindle while enjoying a toasted everything bagel, one side buttered and the other spread with cream cheese, accompanied by hot black coffee. Saturday morning before the kids awaken is a blessed time.
  21. And not a negative word was heard from the people passing by...
  22. I just meant that I can't determine the provenence of the meat used at my favorite Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese, etc., places.
  23. I've been a couple of times in the last year, with my friend who moved here from Miami. The food is OK, but so wildly overpriced for the quality that we haven't been back in months. The Cuban coffee was the real deal, though.
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