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Passings: Peg Bracken


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my mom and I like to cook and we always liked a lot of the recipes from her books- and were are not talking about the canned soup recipes- off the top of my head:

Elevator Lady Spice Cookies, her chocolate mousse, her method for cooking prime rib for one, casual joe special recipe, brownies, A-1 Chocolate sauce, etc. If the list here seems heavy on dessert it is becuase as a young girl I often made the evening's dessert - so those are the recipes I remember most.

Her humor was fun to read- such as her dieting tips- such as the tongue in cheek idea that eating hard cook eggs could actually help you lose weight- if that was all you ate since it would take more energy to eat an egg then the number of calories actually in the egg.

However when I made her cranberry meatball recipe a few years ago I realize in some cases my tastes have truly changed - not good.

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