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Green soup...


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I had the most marvelous soup at Souper Jenny in Atlanta a few weeks ago. It was chock full of greens, and I think the base was a veggie broth and not chicken. It was truly delicious and rich.

I am now craving it because I had a bad version of a green soup in Nashville last Friday. The bad version was basically garlic water with some greens. Not even a close imitation to the Souper Jenny green soup.

I have looked in all of my cookbooks (from Bittman to the New Way to Eat) and there is not a recipe for a similar type of soup (yes, in Bittman I found a creamy greens soup but the one I am trying to recreate had no cream).

An added bonus for the soup is that it was 1 point on Weight Watchers.

If you happen to have a recipe for a green soup or can advise me on how to improvise, I will be grateful!



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Thanks AB... a call into Souper Jenny might help me on my quest to recreate the soup. According to the helpful person the ingredients are basically:







veggie broth

you cook and then puree... reheat to serve.

I have no idea how to make soup, much less improvise one up but I am going to try tomorrow night!

Ideas welcome...

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