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Standing Pork Roast


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just picked up an 11 pound bone in pork roast from truck patch farms for thanksgiving dinner (the bird is pretty and all, but let's face it, it's just turkey). it's a beautiful behemoth, but it appears that there's a bone running lengthwise the roast (chine bone?) that will make it difficult to carve into individual rib chops on thanksgiving day. i'd envisioned individual ribs for each person. can anyone give me any advice on what i need to do to trim this? do i need to take a saw to the thing and try to remove the bone? i don't want to mangle the thing, but i'm also envisioning myself trying to cut the thing at the thanksgiving table and not being able to get through the roast because of this solid length of bone? and if i do need to saw through it, can i just use a hacksaw? do i need to sterilize first?

also, it looks like the tenderloin is still attached on one end. should I try to remove it since i'll likely be performing surgery anyway? any advice would be greatly appreciated. the more detailed the better.

UPDATED: or should i just bring the thing to a butcher and save myself the trouble and the possibility of ruining the roast?

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Another way to do it is to bone the roast out in one piece before cooking and then tie it back into place on the bone. Roast it on the bone and then all you have to do to serve it is cut the strings, remove the bone and slice. Each person will have a boneless chop (a bit more refined), and you have had the flavor advantage of cooking on the bone.

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