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Temel - Turkish/European Restaurant - Fairfax VA

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We went to Temel today and all was good with the world...

3232 Old Pickett Rd, Fairfax 22031

Btwn Pickett Rd & Old Lee Hwy

Phone: 703-352-5477

We ate the lunch buffet so we could have a few little things, I prefer tasting menu's or buffets so i'm not stuck with 1 plate of something that might or might not agree with me.

I had their pizza, hummus, hot pita, some stuffed cigars, tasty salmon, rice, gyro meat, I skipped a few things since I'm a bit discerning and didn't want to explode. (yes, discerning aka picky :( !)

Next - I got to "heaven" on the line and they had this home-made stew (not on the menu!) that was made of a brisket type beef that fell apart, onions, pepper?, eggplant etc. It had to have been marinated and cooked a long time since it tasted like a bit of heaven on my plate. I mentioned this to hubby he tried it on his 2nd run and loved it too. They also have nice soup, salad, pickled thingies, eggplant roasted, home-made omelets and other stuff. The waitress and waiter were wonderful and helpful, this made the dining experience even more pleasant. It is definitely worth the ride here.

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