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Big Stink in Boston


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Onions caused flight's big stink at Logan

By O'Ryan Johnson | Friday, March 21, 2008

Mama mia! Here's a story that'll make you weep.

The Alitalia flight that made an emergency landing Tuesday night and

sparked a hazardous materials scare at Logan International Airport

was packed with the stuff that bad breath is made of, the Herald has


Onions - four pallets of them - filled the cargo hold of the Boeing

MD-11, according to two sources at the airport.

The plane was bound from Milan to Miami when the four-member flight

crew radioed Logan saying they were overcome by a foul odor, and the

cargo hold had been breached. The crew donned oxygen masks in order

to make a safe emergency landing at the airport.

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I keep my onions in a lazy susan and well, a while back a few of them in their bag had fallen in back. For days and days I could not figure out where this gawdawful odor was comming from. I couldn't easily see the onions way in back. Eventually, I figured it out and it took several more days to get the stank out.

If those onions were spoiled, it's no wonder they had to don masks! It's an odor I would have never fathomed.

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