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I went over to Luca's Cafe in Locust Point over the weekend. It was opened by the folks who run Matthew's Pizza along Patterson Park. It's more of a neighborhood Italian place instead of a pizza joint.

They serve pizza, but not the puffy crust ones from Matthew's - more like flatbreads with various toppings.

We started with the Fruit Field salad- with mesclun, tomatoes, grapes, craisins.

For entrees, my date had the Mediterranean pizza with calamata tampenade, goat cheese, feta & mozzarella- nice crust.

I had the special- black bass cooked tuscan style. I ate it whole, head and all. It had a nice tomato/pepper broth with portabella.

For dessert- the best part- we had fried dough with powdered sugar and honey.

A nice neighborhood place to check out if in the area- not expensive, low key.

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