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Senator Sports Grill - gone?

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So I happened to be checking an old email account that still gets Daily Candy and came across this little nugget:

"Fireworks Viewing

What: Catch the fireworks from the rooftop patio at Liaison Capitol Hill Hotel, plus cocktails and free hors d’oeuvres.

Why: Boom with a view.

When: Fri., 5-11 p.m. (Weather permitting.)

Where: 415 New Jersey Ave. NW, at D St. (202-638-1616)."

I thought I saw that the Holiday Inn on the Hill had been sold/renamed/whatever and with a little digging around on the interweb came across the news that as of April 1, the new property is called The Liaison.

Interesting naming choice aside, according to the Chicago Tribune Chef Art Smith will be heading up the kitchen of a still to be named restaurant. I have not been over to check out the status of the former Senator Sports Grill, but as someone who lives and works in the area, I'm quite interested to see what might be coming out of the kitchen after reading a little about Fifty-two.

Any chance someone has been over there recently?

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