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Found 3 results

  1. One of my closest friends recently moved from NYC to Crofton (the things we do for love!). She's been great about coming into DC to meet me for dinner, brunch and cocktails, and I'd like to return the favor more often. When I last visited her, we had an utterly forgettable meal in Annapolis on the bay (is it the bay? the harbor? whatever) at a Marriott or similar. I'd love to avoid that, if possible, but seeking out better local spots. I see that there's another Lebanese Taverna in Annapolis - that'll do, I suppose. I like it well enough. But I'd love to come up with a few options to suggest to her because I expect to make the trip with some frequency. Thanks! --- Christopher's (Al Dente) Sly Horse Tavern (JLK)
  2. Ended up at the Sly Horse Tavern. How bad was it? REAL BAD. Fortunately, my friend, who had been there before and so I guess liked it, had a coupon for $20 off so at least it wasn't expensive. We waited for a table at the bar because the restaurant was full. It's a small place, extremely old fashioned. Our pleasant-enough-but-not-exactly-warm bartender gave us the requested glasses of wine - sauvignon blanc for me and cabernet sauvignon for my friend - filled to the brim for both and ice cold for the white, and then scooted to the opposite end of the bar. In honor of my new job (yes, I'm milking this seemingly), my friend picked up the bar tab so I can't comment on the prices. From the cheese ball we were served with crackers (not in the same universe as Komi's homemade crackers!) to our appetizer of brie and fruit (served with some sort of raspberry sauce EVERYWHERE and liberally sprinkled with almond slices), this was a great way to help me lose a few pounds before my upcoming vacation. It was all so nasty that I had no interest in that "one more bite." We both selected beef for our entrees, particularly after learning that they were out of almost all of the other specials (we sat down around 6:45, mind you). Mine came with a sickeningly sweet wine reduction and gorgonzola as well as mashed potatoes (which weren't great) and chopped zucchini. We passed on dessert. Thanks to the coupon, we paid $28 each while tipping about 18% on the pre-discounted amount. Still, it was a total waste, and I hope I never cross the Sly Horse's threshhold again!
  3. My condolences to your friend. My unfortunate brother lives there. There seems to be only one standout restaurant in Crofton, but it really is quite good-- it's almost worth the trip from DC. Christopher's Try the carpaccio! They also make a mean steak and their fish dishes are usually darn tasty.