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Three years ago, I purchased this for $59.99, and to this day, I think it's one of the finest things I've ever bought, both in terms of quality and value. There isn't one thing I would change about it - it's the perfect desk lamp - or, in my case, a nightstand lamp. 

When Matt went away to college, he took only two things with him: his TV set, and this lamp (I bought one for each of us) - to this day, he says it is perfect.

I cannot recommend this lamp enough. Read the reviews for it, and let me know about any review that isn't 5 stars, because I'm curious about what they have to say.

However, when I just looked at it on Amazon Prime, it's priced at 50% of what I paid: The lamp is now $29.99. So, it now costs half as much, and there's also a USB charging port which mine doesn't have.

Buy this desk lamp - buy as many as you can afford, buy it as a gift for your friends, buy it as an heirloom (despite it being plastic). It is the greatest nightstand lamp I've ever seen, and it's now $29.99. All I ask is that you chime in here after you receive it.

TaoTronics 14W Desk Lamp with USB Charging Port

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