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We met friends at 71Above for drinks and some appetizers.  We had to leave for a show so we did not stay for dinner (although our friends did).  We sat at the bar and one among us took charge and ordered the appetizers and while they were uniformly good, I spent way to much time talking rather than focusing on the food so I cannot offer much more in the way of a commentary.  But what I can report is....  Man, what a view!

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You are hitting some old and new goodies on your trip! I hadn't even heard about 71Above as it is fairly new and not the type of restaurant that has been on my radar for the past couple years (babies aren't fancy), but it made the 99 LA Essential Restaurants list this year. Their review (Besha Rodell) and Jonathan Gold agree that the view > food but that is still fairly high praise since the view is So. Stunning.

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