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Bun Thit Nuong

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Finally a vietnamese place close to home. Driving to EC (and parking there) is a hastle on a weeknight. Went last week and had a decent meal at Viet Royal. They have 1/2 price crab and shrimp dish.

I have my spots for pho and bun mi there. Anyone have a good spot for rice noodle bowl (don't know what it is called) that comes with couple of skewers meat on top. Served with Nak Cham. This is not pho. It does not a noodle soup dish.

I think you are looking for bun thit nuong, rice noodles served with grilled meat. I can't help as far as recommending a place since my favorite is my mom's and everything else seems to be a pale comparison. Have you tried the place in the shopping center across from EC? If they serve it, their rendition would probably be pretty good.

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