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Ixia, Mediterranean-Influenced in Mount Vernon - Closed.

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Short notes for now, more details later.

Space is wild and weird and cool.


Food is unexpectedly good. The octopus 'pancetta' is super.

There is still room for improvement in the service dept, but it was overall good.

We'll be back.

And, by the by, Ixia is in the same space that was once occupied by Louie's Bookstore Cafe (RIP) where my wife and I had our first date some 20 years and 3 months ago.

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I'm glad someone created this topic... I just went here a little over a week ago.

This place scored a lot of points on my first visit - the inventive, creative cocktail menu; the cool decor (including a shower of rose petals leading to the huge front door); and of course the food. Sadly it was nearly empty when we went (Thursday 8 PM).

We had the lobster mac n' cheese for appetizer, which was delicious and served with extra claw meat on the side. For entrees, I had the skate wing with lobster in beurre blanc (great combination of flavors) and she had the chicken schnitzel with spaetzle (great crispy texture on the chicken and it was still tremenously juicy).

This place is one of my new favorites in Baltimore and well worth the trip from DC...

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