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Komi Facebook Group

Robert Rymarz

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I happen to be in the beginning process of starting a Komi Facebook group. And am open to any suggestions?

Facebook is just a bit out of my generation bracket so bare with me as I do a bit of revising and adding information. :P

My goal is for this group to be not only for those fans, but a source of compiled information for those who never been and hopefully will give it a try. " I know, as if reservations are not hard enough"

I am more then happy to welcome members, content, photos etc etc.

Thanks in advance!


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:P Ask anyone who knows me... I am a FACEBOOK addict. I am more than happy to assist you with this application. I am on Facebook, and find its a great platform to get out events and advertise the restaurant without having to pay the fees. PM if you have any questions. I am generation Facebook. :o

Thank you so much! At least I can now bypass my 16 year old daughter's eye roll and 'please' dad response. :P

One question I have is do you believe I posted the links in the right location? Would have the wall been a better choice or discussion forum?

I belong to a few other restaurant groups, and have had no problem contributing to the discussion but have never started my own.

Not at all related to the group but you may get a laugh out of this. What really has me puzzled is those cute little doodads people send each other. My nieces have done so in the past and when trying to return one my 8 track generation rose to the surface. In my confusion I do believe I mistakenly sent a cute little bunny to Mathieu Pacaud of L'Ambroisie in Paris. Needless to say he booted me off his friends list. :D

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