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Oslo, Norway


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Will be in Oslo for 2 weeks in May for work. Any places I shouldn't miss?

It's been almost ten years, but I had a lovely dinner at Bagatelle, which at the time was the only Michelin two-star restaurant in Norway. The seafood-based dishes were excellent, but I felt the restaurant was closer to mid-to-upper French one-star quality (I understand that's a vague statement). Prices are in Norwegian krones, so don't faint when you see the menu here.



P.S. If you get the chance, do this or something equivalent to it (the Naeroyfjord is awesome).

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Well I am back from Oslo and wasn't impressed with the food options there. A lot of seafood, but nothing special that stands out from any other meal I had. Didn't get a chance to try Don's suggestion due to other commitments. The one thing I did enjoy was the Kebabs. They reminded me of a meat snow cone.


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