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La Bamba, Downtown Silver Spring

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Did you have the onion rings at Quarry?  I keep hearing they are excellent.

Both the Half-Moon BBQ and La Bamba are also good places to eat.  Both are directly below the (ex?) Napoli, and both are IMO better than any of the formula places that have invaded Silver Spring.

La Bamba has been one of my staple places for three or four years. The Guatemalan food is good, honest, and very inexpensive. There is nothing on the menu over ten dollars and the portions are generous, to say the least. At lunch and on weekends, the place is often packed with a heavily Latino clientele, enjoying a taste of home.

Pepian de pollo and picante de pollo, as well as some of the soups and stews, are highly recommended, and I'm in love with he green salsa that comes with every meal.

One of the hardest things about a recent transfer to Rockville from Silver Spring is that I can no longer have my weekly lunch or two at my favorite cheap eats restaurant

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Pinto Thai is closed, with "For Rent" signs on the window.

Has anyone tried La Bamba recently?

Yep, I eat lunch there frequently. The menu hasn't changed in years and the food is reliable and good. La Bamba is very inexpensive and caters to a mostly Latino clientele. It's one of the places that I''d hate to see go--for reasons I don't completely understand, I really love the place. I'm old school about Silver Spring and try to support the inexpensive ethnic eateries.

Despite what I wrote above, I'm sad to say that I hadn't eaten in Pinto Thai in over a year. The people who ran it were good people, but there were just too many other good choices for Thai.

If I'm in Silver Spring around lunch time, it's usually either La Bamba or Ghar-e-Kabab these days.

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