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El Cuscatelco, Woodbridge - Closed.

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I need new shoes, just simple black flats but I'm having a heck of a time. The solution, as it almost always turns out to be, is a trip to Potomac Mills. I start at one end of the mall and stop at every shoe store until I find a pair of shoes that fits.

But where to have lunch????? Surely there must be something decent nearby that is easy to find.

I so often get Popeyes or give in to my secret Bob Evans fetish, but I want to branch out. Help me!


{Note that I checked Don's list of places in Virginia and clearly he has shoe needs that are more easily met than mine OR there is nothing out there...}


Try El Cuscatelco Restaurant across the street in the same strip center where the Outback is. They do Salvadorian and Peruvian cuisine.

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