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When casting about for a dim sum place someplace in between Baltimore and Laurel, my wife found this. We tried it today and were pleasantly surprised.

My recent dim sum experience is limited to New Fortune in Gaithersburg, so take this report for what it is worth. Plenty of good food, particularly the different varieties of pork buns and endless variations of dumplings and 'pancakes'. Various rices were good, too, with the only real dud being an eggplant concoction. One missing variety was the stir fried veggies, which we only saw late in to the meal when the place got packed so we'll have to hope for it next time. The chow fun was quite good, too.

I would say that, overall, this was a better experience than New Fortune in Gaithersburg. How it compares with other dim sum remains to be seen.

9180 Baltimore National Pike

Ellicott City, MD 21042

(410) 461-3988


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Can anyone compare Oriental East in Wheaton to Asian Court in Ellicott City? I just went to Oriental East and had a great time. A Chinese friend in E.C. waved us off Asian Court and said she only eats dim sum in Rockville or Wheaton, but I was thinking that she might be discounting the local option.

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Asian Court's dim sum in Ellicott City won "Best of Baltimore 2009" from the Baltimore City Paper.

Congrats to Asian Court, which is on my list of places to try. It gets good comments, and Rte 40 is closer than Oriental East in Silver Spring.

(And congrats to the City Paper, which is a good sport for coming so far into the 'burbs. Next time, try the Korean on Rte 40. Bethany Seafood Restaurant has to be edgy enough for you young folks -- three words: "live lobster sashimi.")

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