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Road Trip to Baltimore

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Chaps Pit Beef

Garlic Crabs

Lake Trout

Read some rather negative feedback from Baltimoreans but I think I'm more attracted by those 3 restaurants/items than Charleston. Would like your view of the 3 featured restaurants/items, and an indication of interest in perhaps duplicating the feat.

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I would be up for a rust belt express tour. having grown up in the Baltimore burbs, I have never been to any of these places. I have had many a pit beef sandwich, one prepared by the man who invented "Tiger Sauce" (and had a buisness suit made out of a tiger skin cloth). Never heard of trout fish, nor garlic crabs.

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So realizing that the garlic crab is at Mo's Seafood, I would guess it's mediocre at best. It's a lot of creamy seafood pasta dishes and the ilk. You can probably get close to the Lake Trout experience at Horace and Dickie's on H St.

I think the choices reflect a Baltimore narrative that he was trying to create rather than necessarily the best that Baltimore has to offer. I mean he generally goes to every city with the point to avoid the well-known places, for instance crab cakes at Faidley's. Though Lexington Market does make for an interesting stop, where you can get a more "rustic" view of Baltimore food like chicken boxes and stuff like lake trout.

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