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Moderately Priced French


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My brother is coming in from out of town this weekend -- he's a chef in Philly and looking to check out some good DC restaurants, and wants to try a French restaurant in particular here. Funds are not unlimited, and so Citronelle and probably Marcel's are out. We've basically whittled it down to Montmartre and Bistro Bis. If anyone can recommend one over the other (or recommend a third that we may have overlooked), we'd really appreciate it. Many thanks!


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I like Bistro Bis. It has a great ambiance and wonderful food, but to me, it's more like French-American. La Chaumiere in Georgetown is classic and tends to get an older crowd (I take my parents there when they visit). One of my favorites for French Provencale cuisine is Bistrot Lepic. Very charming little place in upper Georgetown and a good value.

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