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Favorite Fall Drinks


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Dark and Stormy's because I know that the weather will soon be brooding. (I like Oya's, but I make at home often)

Warm Apple Cider (no idea whose is best Hubby is the big judge of that)

Hot Chocolate- CoCo Sala

Hot Spiced Chai- so many places make this, not sure I have a favorite.

You might check and see if Equinox is having a seasonal happy hour, I think they had a cider happy hour theme last year around this time.

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Maple Old Fashioneds. Fashioned, preferably, by Adam Bernbach, or at a house party near the convention center.

!! I think I just found a drink for Friday night. Is this what you mean?

Maple Old-Fashioned

Now, where to find bitters? Other then Angostura Bitters, unless that will do. On a side note, we had a glass of bitters after dinner at Dino; it went very well after a large meal. Didn't think to ask where one could find a selection of bitters (in Montgomery County no less). Suggestions?

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Thanks everyone! I'm also dreaming about a nice hot buttered rum. Something like this: http://www.fabulousfoods.com/recipes/article/24/22148

P.S. Looks like I'll need to pay a visit to Restaurant Eve & PX. They've got some amazing fall cocktails. Apparently, Restaurant Eve has a Cold Buttered Rum. Sounds interesting!


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