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URGENT: Save the Black Rooster Pub!


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On November 3, 2009, the Peace Corps plans to shut down the Black Rooster Pub, located in their building at 1919 L Street NW, Washington, D.C., in order to expand their office space. No one should question the outstanding and noble work that the Peace Corps performs, but everyone should question the impact of closing such a venerable establishment, a bar that has become a part of our community and culture over the past 30 years.

Below is an excerpt from the petition to save the Black Rooster Pub:

"The Black Rooster Pub has been in existence since 1970, and has contributed millions in tax dollars to the DC economy for almost 40 years. It has proven itself to be a welcome "port in a storm" to many DC workers and residents, providing a pleasant atmosphere, dining option, and friendly social gathering spot.

The Black Rooster Pub supports many charitable organizations such as Save the Children, Make A Wish, Children’s Hospital, Toys for Tots, MS, Leukemia Association, the Avon Breast Cancer Walk, Nova Rugby Foundation, and many others. One charity that we have a 15-year relationship with is KIDS, Inc. which provides a last wish for terminally ill children. We have raised close to $100,000 for them.

In addition to this, we are a 30-year sponsor of the Northern Virginia Rugby Club, as well as a long-term sponsor of several local softball, dart and hockey teams. We host weekly trivia nights, and are in the process of forming a relationship with the Wounded Warriors Foundation, which provides funds for those returning from combat and are in need of assistance."

I urge everyone, whether you frequent the Rooster or have never set foot inside, to sign this petition here or in person at the bar.

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